Indoor Bench Solutions in the Kitchen

May 7th

More and more you’re starting to see bench kitchen table as part of thoughtful, intelligent kitchen designs. Once totally out of fashion with homeowners who wanted tables and chairs instead, an indoor bench is now chic and stylish.You’ll find lots of tables being marketed with an indoor bench these days, whether it’s a single bench to go along one side or two benches, one for each side. Chairs on the end are options either way to increase seating even more.

picnic bench kitchen table
picnic bench kitchen table

Benches have some benefits chairs can’t offer. First, they can usually hold more people. Where chairs are pretty much one seat to a customer, it’s not too tough to squeeze an extra person onto an indoor bench in the kitchen, especially if the extra people are children. In fact, a bench is an ideal solution for families who have a growing family and where space is at a premium.

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Unlike dining chairs, bench kitchen table don’t necessarily have to be purchased as part of a table set. You can buy it either as an extra, or find a statement piece that has the same general style, color or embellishments as the table.

If you have a nook in the kitchen or dining area, an indoor bench kitchen table can be a great idea, especially if space is at a premium. You can keep the bench tucked up against the wall, saving space while still offering guests maximum seating during a dinner party. If space is really tight, considering going with individual stools that can serve as a bench. These have the added bonus of being able to slip right under the table when not in use.

If comfort is a concern, consider putting a cushion on your bench kitchen table. Some companies sell cushions already made or you can custom order them. If you’re handy with fabric, you can opt to make a customized cushion yourself. Most fabric stores have poly-foam that you can use for the padding and it is pretty easy to shape.

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