Rustic Kitchen Tables As Home Furniture

May 30th

Rustic kitchen table are tables formed from various types of wood with rough and aged surfaces with simple designs. They are not highly polished, but are practical and hardwearing, and can take hard knocks without spoiling the finish, since there is no finish as such.

rustic kitchen tables
rustic kitchen tables

In bygone days when people lived in log cabins, there were no butcherblock kitchen islands, and most of the food preparation was carried out on the table. The rustic table was frequently the chopping board, preparation area and eating surface, all combined. It was not expected to be a piece of fine furniture, but a functional part of the kitchen that could be scraped and knocked during normal use.

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General rustic decor is simple and straightforward with few frills, using natural materials and rough finishes. It is, however, very endearing, probably because it plays on our sentiments for the old days of pioneering and the log cabin. It is coarse, unfinished, but comfortable, and certain elements of the old country style are incorporated in some modern day kitchens. The rustic kitchen table is one of them, with old wooden Windsor spindle chairs or ladder back chairs.

rustic kitchen table are generally of rectangular shape, with a thick unpolished top. The chairs can be hand painted with motifs such as flowers or birds, and the rustic theme can be applied to the rest of the kitchen if desired. Stone tiled floors, lots of ceramics and baskets, and the occasional old oil lamp can set off a large rustic table very well. However, many of the newer ‘rustic’ style tables are provided with a polished top that has to be maintained.

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