Why I Love Wall Decals

May 13th

Love wall decals It’s great when find something that works for you so well, you want to tell all your friends about it. When we find these things that are a great product with a lot of benefits, it’s nice to tell all, so other people can enjoy these benefits also! Besides, we all appreciate a product that will save us time, has a great price, ease of use, and is of great quality. In this case I am referring to love wall decals.

peace love wall decals
peace love wall decals

One of the benefits that I particularly like best is that they are so easy to use. You just peel the backing off and stick them to the wall. How cool is that? With the variety of designs of these “new age” wall decals we can make our own little piece of the world ours; reflecting our singular personality.

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I was waiting in the doctors office and he had a beautiful picture of an African elephant. It reminded me of one of my favorite peel and stick decals; of an elephant. You know how a part of us longs to be close to nature and wildlife in one way or another. Well you can certainly get the benefit of feeling closer to wildlife having these giant elephant decals. What an easy but powerful decorating makeover. Now, this type of love wall decals is one that I tell my friends about. A lot of people I have spoken to about these are surprised and didn’t even know you can purchase wall decals like these.

“Through the wall” love wall decals are another favorite of mine. They are also a hit for kids because of the fact that they add some realism and drama to the room in which they are applied. If you are not familiar with this type of wall decal, they are images of cars, monster trucks etc with a 3d affect that looks as if they had crashed through the wall and stuck. I have often envisioned having a classic mustang crashing through one of the walls of my home, maybe even the garage! That would be an awesome surprise for my spouse for his birthday no doubt, since he’s an avid “car lover”. You know, come to think of it, maybe I’ll buy one for myself on “my” birthday.

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